The Red Hook Criterium in Brooklyn NY

Saturday April 30 was the 9th annual Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn. There was a huge crash caused by a motorcycle stopped in the middle of the course.

How the Red Hook Crit #9 Unfolded

“After two failed starts due to early first lap complications and crashes the race was shortened to twenty-two instead of twenty-six laps as originally scheduled. Mario Paz Duque (IRD Carerra) advanced from tenth on the grid to win his seventh Red Hook Crit Breakfast Prime. Aldo Ilesic (Allez-Allez Specialized) soon took control of the race sitting on the front with little objection from his competitors. Zawada started pushing the pace and the field was strung out, but on the third lap Zawada crashed clipping a pedal through a hairpin, and retired from the race. Ilesic still on the front looked to be riding easily though those around were struggling to match the pace…”

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What’s the Red Hook Crit All About?

Originally the Red Hook Crit was an illegal race on streets of Brooklyn. It was founded as a birthday party for the founder’s friends. His friends were all racers and were always training, so in order to get them to attend his party he turned it into a crit.

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