Amateur Rider Relives Bygone Era on Vintage Bike

An amateur cyclist from London took on the daunting Haute Route Dolomites, a 900 km ride over some of Europe’s most intimidating climbs, on a retro single speed bicycle. “I’m in awe of the largely forgotten cycling heroes of the early part of the 1900’s who tackled these climbs on old, heavy single speeds.” -Mike … Continue reading Amateur Rider Relives Bygone Era on Vintage Bike

Cycling’s Secret Weapon

A friend and former Euro pro once called it “the most underrated cycling gear ever.” It’s the humble bicycle trainer, used for cycling indoors. But the secret is, don’t just ride it in winter, use it year-round for structured, no-nonsense workouts. It’s quick and efficient. I did two good workouts this week, each in less … Continue reading Cycling’s Secret Weapon

Sci-Fi Bicycle Seeks Funding

Here’s a bike that looks like it’s a 3D rendering, but it’s not. It’s a genuine working prototype. And it looks like no other bike you’ve seen before. See for yourself… “From this point on, regular bicycles will appear like nostalgic collector’s items…” Its most eye-catching feature is its hubless, spokeless wheels. But the designers … Continue reading Sci-Fi Bicycle Seeks Funding

Paralyzed World Champion Cyclist Does Downhill World Cup Course

Martyn Ashton, star of the incredible road bike trick videos, is at it again. This time on a mountain bike. The remarkable thing is Ashton is paralyzed from the waist down. He was injured in a ride that went wrong when he fell off a 9 ft high bar in 2013 and injured his spine. … Continue reading Paralyzed World Champion Cyclist Does Downhill World Cup Course

Father’s Day Gifts for Cyclists

Unique Father’s Day gifts ideas for the cycling dad in your life Here’s a few gift ideas for the favorite cyclist in your life… “The Amazing Bicycle” Wood Wall Art Raise the style of any room in the house with the “Amazing Bicycle” wooden wall art.  Your guests will  gravitate towards it, cyclists and non-cyclists … Continue reading Father’s Day Gifts for Cyclists