Wooden Time Trial Bicycle

Bikes Made From “Nature’s Carbon”

Renovo make bicycles out of wood, using hollow wooden tubes. Seems kind of primitive, considering we have all these fancy materials today, titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber… So why wood?

Some amazing things have been made from wood, including the world’s largest wingspan plane, the H4 Hercules… all wood!

Hercules Cargo Plane
The H4 Hercules all wood construction aircraft.

And according to Renovo:

Wood has unique engineering properties that deliver superior ride quality and durability compared to man-made materials, and…it’s sustainable, unlike other common frame materials. When the right wood is combined with an array of advanced technologies, it becomes a high performance material that will forever change your understanding of ‘wood.’

Wooden Mountain Bike

Renovo say that wood has superior damping ability, is light, stiff and durable. In short you get a smooth ride, excellent power transfer, superior handling and a bike that will last.

Plus wood makes your bike a one-of-a-kind handcrafted masterpiece.

Wooden Bicycle - The Firewood Detail

The frames are significantly heavier than today’s super light frames, coming in at around 4-5 lbs, so not your best option if you do a lot of climbing.

Renovo offer a wide range of bikes, from commuter, road, mountain, touring and even time trial/triathlon. Prices vary by type, model and options, but prices start around $4,800 for a road bike.

Check out RenovoBikes.com