Review: Quarq Power Meter

by Bruce Humphries

Editor: Newly crowned SC State Road Race Champion Bruce Humphries of the Hincapie / Green Creation Elite Cycling Team shares his thoughts on the Quarq Cinqo power meter.

I have had the fortune this year to be able to train and race on what I feel may be one of the single most important pieces of equipment that a racing cyclist could use, and that is my Quarq Cinqo power meter and Garmin head unit.

I placed my order for the Quarq and waited in anticipation for the package to arrive. I was told there would be a small wait period, but it should not be too long. The customer service up to this point was great, a real person on the other end of the line taking order information from me. Very pleasant. When I received the package, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I had been working last season with FasCat Coaching out of Colorado, and had set it up again for this season, knowing that I would have the power meter. We did not have our team bikes at this time, but I was not wasting anytime getting my numbers started. I had the local shop install the crank on my older steel bike.

The only issue we ran into was that the old bottom bracket did not want to come out easily, but a little elbow grease and the new crank was on. Installation was a breeze, since this is a crank based power meter, the only really thing that I needed to make sure to do was have the Quarq provided magnet in the right location relative to the marked sensor area. Quarq made this easy, since this was a standard frame, the magnet ring went right behind the bottom bracket cup on the drive side, and voila it was in perfect position. Upon getting home with my new toy, I pulled the Garmin out of the box, and a few simple steps had me reading power.  I am not sure if this could have been easier.

Quarq Cinqo Power MeterI trained all through the winter with the older bike and the Quarq. Some rough winter weather on many rides never gave any trouble, the unit is sealed tight, so I had no problems with rain or snow.  Once we received our new frames, I pulled the cranks from the old bike and installed them on my new frame, same ease of installation. This frame is a full carbon TREK Madone with the BB90 bottom bracket, so the magnet ring would not work on this frame. No problem there, Quarq also provided loose magnets with a two part epoxy for installation. I deviated a little on the installation here, knowing that this was a team bike, and knowing that I could not pull the magnet off at the end of the season, I took advice form a friend who also has the Quarq and bought some 3m mounting putty. This is a strong putty which allowed me to install the magnet, but would also allow me the ability to pull the magnet off at the end of the season.

Everything is working great with the power meter, and I have already seen the improvements that training and racing with a power meter offer. Quarq made it simple to get into the power reading way of training with simple installation, affordable pricing, and tremendous customer service. What more can you ask for from a company?

— Bruce Humphries

Thanks to Bruce and to Hincapie / Green Creation Elite Cycling Team for their review of the Quarq Cinqo power meter.