The Original Bicycle Friendly Sticker

Locals near Lindsey Wilson College wanted a way to let cyclists know that they were welcome, so Lindsey Wilson College had the genius to create a “bicycle friendly” sticker and turn it into a campaign. The campaign already seems to growing at a rapid rate, we sure hope it sweeps the nation! You can learn more and buy some stickers to show your support here:

You can also follow them on Twitter:  @bicyclefriendly and on facebook:

A New Cycling League?

From cycling news, a story about a new breakaway cycling league.

Cyclingnews has learned that the financial group Rothschild put together a proposal for a cycling breakaway league in the early stages of 2011. The proposal is said to have minimised the influence of the UCI but lacked the cooperation of the sport’s biggest race organiser, ASO.

It was clear by April that McQuaid was aware of the efforts, and in May, McQuaid threatened to charge teams for the cost of the biological passport programme should they conspire against the UCI to form a breakaway league, but at the time he was not worried that the concept – now known to be presented in the Rothschild proposal – would become a reality.

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