Pssst! Here’s the Ideal Gift for the Cyclist in Your Life

Ideal gift for cyclistsYou know cyclists… they only ever have one thing on their minds. The bike. They wake up thinking about it, they daydream about it, and they go to sleep dreaming about it. Cycling consumes them, every day, every hour, it’s on their minds the whole time.

And when they’re on the bike they’re thinking about time… how much time it will take to finish the ride, how many seconds to the group ahead, how many minutes is the group behind… and so on.

Well now you can get the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life, the watch that reminds him of his passion, and lets him know the time.

Better… this watch is a classic, stainless steel, watch of quality, with a touch of whimsy.

Excellent quality watch! Has heft and feel of expensive stainless steel quartz wrist watches. Solid construction and good looks. – Tom Palmer

This is the gift that your cyclist will love you for, every time he glances at its face.

Get the Time to Ride Watch



Francois Gissy Sets a New “Bicycle” World Speed Record

This is kinda stretching the meaning of “bicycle” a bit…

The Swiss “Rocket Man” François Gissy has set a new bicycle speed record of 333 km/h (207 mph) on the rocket-propelled bicycle at Circuit Paul Ricard located in the South of France. The “bicycle” was designed by Gissy’s friend, Arnold Neracher.

Looks like just the thing to make me competitive at the local time trial again.