Stringbike: Carbon Time Trial Bicycle

The Stringbike

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Here at Velo Logic, we love creative thinking that the shatters preconceived notions of how a traditional component works or looks.

Today, here’s a quick look at a fresh new conception of the drivetrain.

We’ve seen chains, we’ve seen belts, we’ve seen direct drive, but we’ve never seen a string drive.

Stringbike - the carbon time trial versionWhat are the Advantages of the Stringbike?

Well here’s what they say on the Stringbike site, and I quote:

  • Silky smooth and almost silent riding experience
  • Less maintenance, fewer parts to malfunction, long-lasting high efficiency
  • No loose, broken, lost or rattling chains
  • No lubrication, oil, rust or dirty hands – clean bike, clean hands, clean clothes, clean environment
  • No chance of derailleurs going wrong and needing servicing
  • No costly chain and drive-system maintenance
  • Fewer bike parts exposed to possible damage while riding
  • Noticeably easier to climb uphill than with conventional bikes thanks to special riding characteristics of the drive
  • Almost continuous shifting through 19 gears, easily controlled by a single handle grip
  • Quick and easy removal of the rear wheel makes fixing flat tyres clean and hassle-free
  • The strings can be changed easily, without any tools in few minutes.

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A basic StringbikeNo doubt it’s clever, unusual, creative, and it has some advantages… but I’d like to see a side-by-side comparison in terms of speed and efficiency, something like the results of riding traditional vs stringbike in a few 10-40 km time trials.

Nevertheless, interesting concept! What do you think?

Learn more about how the Stringbike technology works