Paralyzed World Champion Cyclist Does Downhill World Cup Course

Martyn Ashton, star of the incredible road bike trick videos, is at it again. This time on a mountain bike. The remarkable thing is Ashton is paralyzed from the waist down. He was injured in a ride that went wrong when he fell off a 9 ft high bar in 2013 and injured his spine.

About his recent downhill challenge, Ashton said:

“I never really thought, ‘I’m never going to ride my bike again.’ I was just thinking: how am I going to ride my bike again? I don’t like to think about what I can’t do, but what I can do.”

Ashton rode a specially modified mountain bike, with a ski seat and an electric motor to keep him moving at critical parts of the course.

Martyn Ashton Back on a Bike

Just four months after his tragic crash, Ashton was back on a bike, this time a hand cycle.

Read about Martyn Ashton’s incredible career.

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Can These Three Letters Save the Rio Olympics?

Tejay van Garderen has withdrawn from consideration for the Rio Olympics over concerns about the Zika virus. His wife is pregnant and the virus has been linked to birth defects. Two high profile golfers have also withdrawn from Rio, and I expect we’ll see more athletes bail.

The World Health Organization insists the games should go ahead. 150 medical experts disagree and have signed a letter saying it would be unethical for the games to proceed in Rio.

I think there’s a simple solution. Bring back DDT.

It is very effective, and contrary to the hysteria surrounding it, not the life-threatening, planet-annihilating chemical it’s been demonized as.

Nearly 1 million people a year die from mosquito-borne diseases, notably malaria. But did you know that malaria deaths worldwide were nearly eliminated… until they banned DDT? Then there was a massive resurgence.

The alleged downsides of DDT are insignificant next to the lives it has saved… and still could.

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How to Do 77 mph on Your Bike

Let’s face it, drafting is fun. You can up your speed dramatically by catching a tow from a motorcycle, a car, a truck or bus. And the bigger it is the better. You get sucked along in the pocket of air that is dragged behind the vehicle.

Brazilian cyclist, Evan Portela, showed the pulling power of the draft when he videoed his ride behind a truck at 77 mph. Displaying dazzling confidence in his ability to keep up, and in perhaps his most daring move, he attached his GoPro to the truck.

Now obviously the usual disclaimers apply. This is extremely dangerous. Portela is riding feet, if not inches, behind a truck and he’s blind. Should the truck driver brake suddenly, or swerve to avoid a stationary vehicle or some debris in the road, this ride would end very badly. You could lose a lot more than your GoPro.


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