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Introducing “Monarch”: Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt

A new cycling tee shirt design from Velo Logic

The Monarch Model No. 10 bicycle was a steel-framed beauty with wooden rims, weighing in at 22 lbs. It was built by the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company in late 19th century Chicago.

Here at Velo Logic we love vintage and natural, and the No. 10 was both: built in 1894 of all natural steel, wood, rubber, and leather.

Velo Logic’s latest tee shirt design pays homage to this bicycle of a bygone era. The subtle earthy colors complement the natural cotton shirt. With the design on the front and the back, you get double the cool.

Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt "Monarch"
The “Monarch” is printed on a top quality tee. Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will easily become a closet staple. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. This shirt is double-needle stitched to ensure it lasts and looks great for years.

Get your summer kick back gear here:

Ladies Tank Dress

Why should guys have all the fun? Velo Logic’s designs look even better on ladies apparel. Check out the ladies jersey tank dress with “Monarch”.

Ladies Tank Dress with Cycling Design

Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt

Monarch Cycle Manufacturer

Monarch Cycle Mfg rose to become a prominent bicycle maker in the late nineteenth century. Here’s a bit of their history…

In 1889 John William Kiser, resigned went to Chicago, Ill., and became a manager at the Chicago Sewing Machine Company.

Kiser was practically without funds when arriving in Chicago, but with the energy of a young farmer and the brains of a captain of industry, he took advantage of the opportunities that confronted him and through untiring efforts, within a few years, he had accumulated a large fortune.

Out of the sewing-machine company came the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company, which was organized by Mr. Kiser in 1892 with a capitalization of $500,000. He was the president and majority stockholder. He seized the wonderful opportunity offered by the bicycle and made this concern one of the strongest in the field.

In 1899 Mr. Kiser sold the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company to the “Bicycle Trust,” and in so doing displayed that fine judgment which has crowned all his business ventures with such phenomenal success, for very shortly the crash came. He saw that the automobile would soon succeed the bicycle in popular esteem and so conserved his resources at the outset.


Kiser was obviously a smart man who anticipated the car and got out at just the right time. Of course, after the auto craze tapered off, bicycles did make a comeback, but not to the heights of their previous glory.

Vintage / Retro Cycling and Bicycle Tee Shirts

Introducing “Velocipedes” – New Cycling Tee Shirt

Stay cool and look cool in Velo Logic’s latest cycling tee shirt.

A quality running tee shirt from New Balance featuring a classic design. Velocipedes is a one-of-a-kind cycling tee shirt only available from Velo Logic.

The Spring classics are underway, summer is just around the corner…. time to get your summer gear together. Velo Logic has you covered.

Velocipedes is now available exclusively from Velo Logic in the Velo Logic Store.  Paying homage to ye olde bikes of yesteryear, Velocipedes is unashamedly old, old school. With graphics on the front and the back, this turns heads whether you’re coming or going.

Cool Cycling Tee Shirt Design

With summer almost upon us, we wanted a shirt that not only looked good with short, jeans or on the trail, but also was light with a wicking technical fabric to keep us cool.

New Balance’s running shirt is perfect for summer. It’s cool and it looks casual. We specifically designed Velocipedes for the gravel gray version, but honestly, it looks great on white, green and everything in between.

With Velocipedes you can’t go wrong. You get a classic design on a top quality shirt made to last.

“Velocipedes” Cycling Tee Shirt on New Balance Performance Tee

“Velocipedes” Cycling Tee Shirt on Quality American Apparel Tee

Sci-Fi Bicycle Seeks Funding

Here’s a bike that looks like it’s a 3D rendering, but it’s not. It’s a genuine working prototype. And it looks like no other bike you’ve seen before. See for yourself…

“From this point on, regular bicycles will appear like nostalgic collector’s items…”

Its most eye-catching feature is its hubless, spokeless wheels. But the designers behind it say the bike is packed with innovative features, and they’re filing for 15 patents.

They’re seeking funding now on Kickstarter, and a pledge of $1,100 can land you their basic model, to be delivered in June 2017.

The Cyclotron Bicycle on Kickstarter

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Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot has been gaining popularity as a super food and with good reason. Recent studies suggest it improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure, leading to improved athletic performance.

I happen to love beetroot, in all its forms. I regularly eat it on salad and have beetroot soup. Now I have another… make that about half a dozen reasons to eat and drink more beetroot. reports:

“Beetroot juice supplementation has been shown to improve muscle oxygenation during exercise, suggesting that increased dietary nitrate intake has the potential to enhance exercise tolerance during long-term endurance exercise.”

Source: Beetroot: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information

Cycling Performance and Beetroot

What does this mean for us cyclists?

In scientific tests carried out by Cermak, Gibala and van Loon, and reported in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition Exercise Metab., cyclists were able to improve their time trial performance significantly.

2012 Feb reports:

The authors tested the hypothesis that 6 d of nitrate ingestion would improve time-trial performance in trained cyclists. Using a double-blind, repeated-measures crossover design, 12 male cyclists (31±3 yr, VO2peak=58±2 ml·kg⁻¹·min⁻¹, maximal power [Wmax]=342±10 W) ingested 140 ml/d of concentrated beetroot (~8 mmol/d nitrate) juice (BEET) or a placebo (nitrate-depleted beetroot juice; PLAC) for 6 d, separated by a 14-d washout. After supplementation on Day 6, subjects performed 60 min of submaximal cycling (2×30 min at 45% and 65% Wmax, respectively), followed by a 10-km time trial.

Time-trial performance (953±18 vs. 965±18 s, p<.005) and power output (294±12 vs. 288±12 W, p<.05) improved after BEET compared with PLAC supplementation. Submaximal VO₂ was lower after BEET (45% Wmax=1.92±0.06 vs. 2.02±0.09 L/min, 65% Wmax 2.94±0.12 vs. 3.11±0.12 L/min) than with PLAC (main effect, p<.05).

Six days of nitrate supplementation reduced VO₂ during submaximal exercise and improved time-trial performance in trained cyclists.

Another study involving beetroot juice showed similar results, finding:

  • Beetroot juice increased plasma nitrate concentration from 293 ± 133 nM to 575 ± 199 nM (p < 0.05).  The placebo did not show an effect.
  • Beetroot juice significantly lowered systolic blood pressure (placebo = 131 ± 8 mmHg, beetroot juice = 125 ± 5 mmHg, p < 0.05).
  • Beetroot juice reduced the time it took for all subjects to complete the 4 km trial.  Average times were 6.43 ± 0.42 min at the familiarization trials and 6.27 ± 0.35 min with supplementation (p < 0.05).  The placebo did not have an effect (6.45 ± 0.42 min, p > 0.05).
  • Times were reduced for all subjects in the 16.1 km time trial with beetroot juice supplementation from 28.6 ± 2.4 min in the familiarization trial to 26.9 ± 1.8 min (p < 0.01).  The placebo had no effect (27.7 ± 2.1 min, p > 0.05).  This effect (mean time decrease of 2.8% in the 4-km trial and 2.7% in the 16-km trial) is much greater that the “smallest worthwhile change” (0.6%) proposed by another group of exercise scientists.
  • Beetroot juice increased power output 5% in the 4 km time trial and 6% in the 16.1 km time trial.
  • The power output: VO2 ratio was significantly elevated at the 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 km distances for the beetroot juice vs. placebo in the 4-km time trial. This ratio was also elevated above placebo (albeit not significantly) at distance measurement (taken every 2 km) during the 16-km time trial.

Roughly a 5-6% improvement in power just from drinking a juice, with no expensive aero helmets, skinsuits or trick wheels.

The good news doesn’t stop there. also reports other health benefits, beetroot counteracts inflammation, lowers glucose levels and oxygenates the brain helping fight dementia.

The Velo Logic store now stocks Beet IT Organic Shots . This bottled form provides a convenient way to get a performance and health boost anytime and anywhere.

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The Cardboard Bicycle

A cardboard bicycle? Yes. Cardboard Technologies says:

Recycled cardboard used for packaging is folded origami style to make it strong. It’s then treated to make it both waterproof, and fireproof.”

How it all began…

The Thinking Behind Cardboard Technologies

“We are not a bicycle company, we are a technology company. The bicycle is just our first implementation of the technology.”

Source: Cardboard Technologies

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PodRide: The Bicycle Car

The PodRide is the brainchild of industrial designer Mikael Kjellman of Sweden. He calls it a “bicycle car,” otherwise known as a velomobile.

His version is a four-wheeled bicycle (with an electric motor for optional assist) within a hard shell protective pod to keep out the weather. He was inspired to develop it due to commute in Sweden which is too cold for riding in winter.

PodRide Bicycle Car - chassis opens for easy entry and exit.

He’s been working on it for years, and tried many models that fell short, before arriving at this version. This model now meets his requirements, which make for a flexible vehicle that can take you most places in relative comfort:

  • Proper seat with padding
  • Suspension
  • Stable handling (at least three wheels)
  • Option to use a small power assist motor
  • Adequate protection against the weather
  • Ability to use cycle paths
  • For safety reasons the driver should sit at the same height as in a car

Support the PodRide on Indiego

Bicycle Racing Poster

Bicycle Racing Cycling Poster QuoteOff the Front - beautiful cycling poster on wooden panel. This is a unique work of art, with an original graphic design,  printed on superior quality birch wood. Choose from 10 sizes and create a statement piece that’s perfect for your office or your home. Ready to stand, or hang.

The PodRide is a Lot Like a Car

The PodRide includes a 250 watt motor so you don’t have to pedal if you don’t want to. Or, you can use it to assist you so you don’t arrive at your destination all sweaty.

The PodRide sports a 250 watt motor for electric-assist when you need it.

Under the power of the modest motor, the PodRide cruises at 25 km/h and has a range of 60 km.

Other car-like features include:

  • Headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Luggage compartment
  • Windshield wiper (manual)
  • Heater
  • Suspension

PodRide Specs

  • Width: 30 in
  • Length: 71 in
  • Height: 57 in
  • Weight: 154 lbs
  • Motor: 250 w
  • Battery: 2 x 360 Wh
  • Gears: 18 without the motor, 14 gears with the motor

Mikael says this is still a prototype, so there are still a lot of improvements that he could make to the PodRide, the foremost being the chassis, which could be a lot lighter.

Mikael would like to bring his creation to the market, but thinks it will be expensive (around $6000 or more) unless it can be mass produced, in which case the price could drop to around a much more affordable $2250 to $3900.

Support the PodRide on Indiego

Mikael is now looking for a partner to take the PodRide production. So if you’re the entrepreneurial kind, or if you can help in anyway, he’d love to hear from you:

Mikael Kjellman
Email: [first name]
Phone +4670 532 22 01


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Bicycle Maintenance Repair Videos

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If you want to have an entire video encyclopedia of bicycle repairs at your fingertips, that covers you in every situation, then this package is worth a close look.

"Much easier to follow than a book, comprehensive, and loaded with insider tips and shortcuts... these DVDs belong on every cyclist's bookshelf." -Velo Logic

Learn more about the DIY Bike Repair Course

The Micro “Airstream” Bicycle Camper That’s Fully Loaded

This bicycle camper doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s small and light, weighing in at under 45 lbs. And on the inside, it’s pretty impressive!

The Micro "Airstream" Bicycle Camper

Inside the camper is fairly spacious. It’s insulated to help moderate the temperature inside. There’s a micro kitchen and plenty of storage space for food, water and cooking utensils. The “day fridge” consists of a ziploc bag with ice in it.

Inside the Micro Airstream

There’s quite a few nifty details, including a skylight on top of the front dome, which can be replaced with an open air bug screened porthole to aid the airflow.

The cabinetry is arranged so that the heavy items are stored low down, while lighter items are stored higher up. This helps stabilize the camper.

The tow bar is made from 1/2″ electrical conduit and a swiveling ball joint, which allows the bike to be laid down on the ground. 

The whole camper cost about $150 to make, because Elkin built most of it, such as the shell, base and cabinets, from old campaign signs.

Here’s how he did it…

How to Build a Bicycle Camper for Less Than $200

You can find out more about the Micro Airstream at and download the plans.

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Trefecta e-Bike

About Trefecta

The Trefecta claims a new category of vehicles. Through advanced engineering and intelligent design we aim to develop unsurpassed excellence. The unique interaction between design, power and function results in a multi-purposed vehicle. Ultimately, providing a riding experience, freedom of any constraints and customized to every need.

This drive for innovation is also shown in Trefecta’s business model. A unique product needs a unique strategy. It starts with the aim of representing the ultimate value proposition in premium eMobility solutions. This is to be achieved in a multi-channel clicks and bricks strategy where a mix of in- and outsourced resources gives widespread technology and know-how. This allows a highly efficient development process in time and cost, and lets class and quality precede volume.

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