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Amateur Rider Relives Bygone Era on Vintage Bike

An amateur cyclist from London took on the daunting Haute Route Dolomites, a 900 km ride over some of Europe’s most intimidating climbs, on a retro single speed bicycle.

“I’m in awe of the largely forgotten cycling heroes of the early part of the 1900’s who tackled these climbs on old, heavy single speeds.” -Mike Gluckman

The Haute Route Dolomites is a challenge under the best conditions. The 7 day sportif includes a whopping 21,000 meters of climbing through the Swiss Alps. That wasn’t enough for Mike Gluckman, who wanted to experience what it was like for cyclists in the early 20th century, who rode single speeds.

Gluckman loaned a Bianchi L’Eroica from Bianchi fitted with a 48×23 gear combo, and hit the road.

Cyclist Tackles Swiss Alps on Vintage Single Speed Bicycle

Makes my 39×25 climbing gear look positively wimpish! Nice going Mike!


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How to Do 77 mph on Your Bike

Let’s face it, drafting is fun. You can up your speed dramatically by catching a tow from a motorcycle, a car, a truck or bus. And the bigger it is the better. You get sucked along in the pocket of air that is dragged behind the vehicle.

Brazilian cyclist, Evan Portela, showed the pulling power of the draft when he videoed his ride behind a truck at 77 mph. Displaying dazzling confidence in his ability to keep up, and in perhaps his most daring move, he attached his GoPro to the truck.

Now obviously the usual disclaimers apply. This is extremely dangerous. Portela is riding feet, if not inches, behind a truck and he’s blind. Should the truck driver brake suddenly, or swerve to avoid a stationary vehicle or some debris in the road, this ride would end very badly. You could lose a lot more than your GoPro.


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Riding Up Kilimanjaro

Pro mountain biker, Rebecca Rusch, and adventurer, Patrick Sweeney, rode up African’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro… and then rode down.

Okay, rode up is not quite true. They rode as much as they could, and dragged their bikes and gear over the really tough parts.

The rough terrain and steep incline are only part of the problem. At over 19,000 ft, your lungs will be burning and you’ll be gasping for air like a guppy out of water.

The pair did the ride in support of World Bicycle Relief, an organization dedicated to mobilizing people by providing bicycles to people without transport.

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Danny MacAskill Trick Riding in Aviemore Spring

Danny MacAskill gets back to his roots, taking his trials bike to Aviemore Spring, in Scotland for some jaw-dropping trick riding.

Be sure to check out Danny’s other videos:

Who is Danny MacAskill?

Daniel “Danny” MacAskill is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He works professionally as a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd

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Gino Bartali’s Heroic Rides to Save Lives

Here’s a brief glimpse into Gino Bartali’s secret rides in defiance of the Nazis during World War II.

It follows an Israeli pro cycling team on a very special ride. The riders ignored their specific intense training routine and took on a 200km journey through the heart of Tuscany – starting in Florence and finishing at world heritage city of Assisi – copying the exact same route Bartali use to ride by himself.

The course, that started in Bartali’s house in Florence and ended in Assisi, took the riders along the route that Bartali rode through, while delivering fake documents for Italian Jews.

It was later discovered that Bartali did a lot more than just deliver documents.  If this topic interests you I highly recommend the movie My Italian Secret. which goes into detail on Bartali’s secret life helping the Italian Resistance.

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Epic Climbs: Mount Teide, Tenerife (Canary Islands)

The Col Collective break down this classic ride in Tenerife, a monster climb from sea level to 2250 m ride up the active volcano, Mount Teide. The volcano’s summit is at 3,718 m (12,198 ft). The summit is only accessible on foot or by cable car.

A Ride Up the Tallest Mountain in Spain

Mike Cotty (The Col Collective) leads you through this epic climb, from the coast through rugged lava fields and up to the plateau at the foot of Mount Teide. He rides a short route from El Médano on the south side, but it’s still 51 km, so you need to pace yourself.

The first half of the climb is around 4-6%, nothing too brutal. At the half way mark of Vilaflor things pick up to 11%, you’ll thank yourself if you kept your pacing in check on the first half.

The ride ends at the Parador de las Cañadas hotel, where you can reward yourself with food and drink while you soak up the stunning view. 

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