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Velo Logic’s new cycling store offers a range of bicycle trainers, cycling movies and DVDs and books on bicycles and cycling.

Off the Front…

With two laps to go and the field stringing out under the pressure of riders trying to break off the front, he got the saddle and sprinted past the lead rider and out into the wall of wind…

He glanced back and saw no one had followed his attack. He slid back into the saddle, put his head down, knowing what had to be done.

He came out the last corner and glanced under his arm to see a gray bubbling blur, the field bunched behind him. He tucked down low and drove it to the finish line, legs and lungs burning…

Success soothes everything.

Nothing quite drives home an idea as quickly and as powerfully as visual art.  Off the Front is a striking and inspiring piece of art encapsulating the “secret” of success in cycling and in life.

Bicycle Racing Cycling Poster Quote

Soak in success every day…

Off the Front adorns your space with beauty, creating an environment of success.

  • Enjoy motivation and inspiration every day
  • A constant reminder of what is important
  • Beautifies your office and your home
  • A great conversation piece
  • Likely to make your fellow cyclists jealous

Each piece is printed on natural birch wood, giving each a unique and subtle wood grain texture.

  • Beauty of birch wood
  • Natural wood shows through on light areas
  • Includes anchors, screws and table stands so you can put it on display immediately

Check it out: Off the Front

Gino Bartali’s Heroic Rides to Save Lives

Here’s a brief glimpse into Gino Bartali’s secret rides in defiance of the Nazis during World War II.

It follows an Israeli pro cycling team on a very special ride. The riders ignored their specific intense training routine and took on a 200km journey through the heart of Tuscany – starting in Florence and finishing at world heritage city of Assisi – copying the exact same route Bartali use to ride by himself.

The course, that started in Bartali’s house in Florence and ended in Assisi, took the riders along the route that Bartali rode through, while delivering fake documents for Italian Jews.

It was later discovered that Bartali did a lot more than just deliver documents.  If this topic interests you I highly recommend the movie My Italian Secret. which goes into detail on Bartali’s secret life helping the Italian Resistance.

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Cycling Tshirt from Velo Logic

Keep your velo love close to your heart, now available the Velo Logic performance long sleeve tshirt.

Custom Designed Cycling TshirtsI’m a bit of a tee shirt aficionado. It needs to be a unique design and well made. I hate the cheap stuff that’s scratchy, loses it’s shape, or falls apart after a couple of washes. I’ve had this Velo Logic Cycling Tshirt for a year, worn it and washed it a lot and it’s still going strong!

It’s soft, comfortable, light with a bit of stretch to give you the freedom to move as you choose. It has flat stitched raglan sleeves, so there’s no uncomfortable ridges or bumps against your skin.

It’s great as an undershirt or worn on its own (I do both), and with it’s moisture-wicking ability it is perfectly suited to active the lifestyle… but lounging around in it works too.

It’s ideal for chilly days, cool mornings and evenings. I often wear it under a short sleeve tee, or a long sleeve button up. As the day warms up, I cast off my outer layer.

Detailed specs below or check it out and more at the Velo Lust StoreBest quality cycling tshirts from Velo LogicThe Velo Logic Long Sleeve Tee from Sport-Tek

Stay cool and dry during your workout with the sweat-wicking performance long sleeve shirt from Sport-Tek. Made with raglan sleeves, this lightweight shirt has the look and fit for any athletic activity. It’s 95%/5% poly and spandex, so it’s made to last. You can customize it too, pick your size, fabric and color.

Get the Cycling Tshirt from Velo Logic now

Velo Logic’s New Cycling Store

Check it out! Velo Logic now has a store where you can buy a selection of indoor trainers, cycling movies and DVDs and books about cycling.

We’re starting small but will grow with time, for now you can browse:

Summer’s not over, head on over to the store and grab a few good books or movies to tide you through the summer.

How about Wheelmen, New York Times bestseller on Lance Armstrong’s massive deception and the greatest sports conspiracy ever. And here’s a great read for the ladies, Every Woman’s Guide to Cycling, Selene Yeager covers everything women need to know about cycling, from the basics like buying the right bicycle, to developing fitness, effective training, and finally how to race successfully and win.

On the movie front we have the classic Breaking Away in HD – if you haven’t seen it then you need to get it now, definitely one for the collection.

Heck, if you’re like me and like to ride indoors, you might even like to get a trainer (and in my humble but insightful opinion, you can’t beat the Kurt Kinetic!).