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Common Cycling Injuries and How to Fix Them

We’ve all had it at some time, pain. And I don’t mean the sweet pain of going full gas, I mean the niggling, sometimes agonizing pain of a poor fit or misalignment.

Usually new cyclists are the most vulnerable, as they tend to go looking for a bike and either buy it used, regardless of size, or who buy their bikes from a clueless shop assistant who just wants to make a sale.

I bought my first bike from a very reputable local bike shop. The only adjustment they made was the seat height, but the bars were too narrow, the stem was too long, and due to the slightly awkward reach, my back and shoulders hurt. I just thought that was normal.

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It was a year later that I was fortunate to meet pro mechanic who ran a bike shop who measured and fitted me to a new bike…. and suddenly I was one with the machine and my cycling experience was completely transformed. Cycling became painless and a pleasure.

My go-to guy won’t sell you a bike until after he’s measured you. Then he’ll recommend a make and model based on your measurements and your style of riding. Then he’ll fit you on your new bike on a raised trainer and tweak everything while you ride. He’ll shim your shoes if you need it. The bike will be truly yours, it will fit like a glove.

Never underestimate the power of a good fit. It can optimize your power output, your aerodynamics and your comfort.

If things don’t feel quite right on your bike, I recommend getting fitted by a pro. But sometimes you can tweak just one thing on your bike and eliminate that nagging pain or discomfort. This guide shows you what to look for.

Common Cycling Injuries and How to Fix (and Prevent) Them

Infographic: Cycling Injuries and Bicycle Fit

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