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Japan’s Underground Bicycle Parking System

Bicycles are a popular way to get around in Japan, so parking can be a problem. The Eco Cycle aims to solve that problem by automatically storing and retrieving bicycles out of sight, out of the way, and underground.

The Eco Cycle Bicycle Parking System “Buries” Your Bike Underground

With land values extremely high in Japan, parking bikes underground makes sense. It saves space above ground for pedestrian areas and more high value use.

Since this is Japan, the underground parking garage is built to withstand seismic activity, so your ride may be shaken, but not destroyed.

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Cool Gifts for Cyclists
"The Amazing Machine" tee shirt highlights what a simple but fascinating machine the bicycle really is with the quote: "an ever-saddled horse that never eats."
Unique and Cool Gifts for Cyclists A collection of unique gift ideas for the cyclist in your life, sure to amuse, entertain and thrill. These are gifts that will remind them of their passion and of you for years to come. Read: Gift Ideas for Cyclists  


Sci-Fi Bicycle Seeks Funding

Here’s a bike that looks like it’s a 3D rendering, but it’s not. It’s a genuine working prototype. And it looks like no other bike you’ve seen before. See for yourself…

“From this point on, regular bicycles will appear like nostalgic collector’s items…”

Its most eye-catching feature is its hubless, spokeless wheels. But the designers behind it say the bike is packed with innovative features, and they’re filing for 15 patents.

They’re seeking funding now on Kickstarter, and a pledge of $1,100 can land you their basic model, to be delivered in June 2017.

The Cyclotron Bicycle on Kickstarter

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Paralyzed World Champion Cyclist Does Downhill World Cup Course

Martyn Ashton, star of the incredible road bike trick videos, is at it again. This time on a mountain bike. The remarkable thing is Ashton is paralyzed from the waist down. He was injured in a ride that went wrong when he fell off a 9 ft high bar in 2013 and injured his spine.

About his recent downhill challenge, Ashton said:

“I never really thought, ‘I’m never going to ride my bike again.’ I was just thinking: how am I going to ride my bike again? I don’t like to think about what I can’t do, but what I can do.”

Ashton rode a specially modified mountain bike, with a ski seat and an electric motor to keep him moving at critical parts of the course.

Martyn Ashton Back on a Bike

Just four months after his tragic crash, Ashton was back on a bike, this time a hand cycle.

Read about Martyn Ashton’s incredible career.

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Cool Gifts for Cyclists
"The Amazing Machine" tee shirt highlights what a simple but fascinating machine the bicycle really is with the quote: "an ever-saddled horse that never eats."
Unique and Cool Gifts for Cyclists A collection of unique gift ideas for the cyclist in your life, sure to amuse, entertain and thrill. These are gifts that will remind them of their passion and of you for years to come. Read: Gift Ideas for Cyclists  




Father’s Day Gifts for Cyclists

Unique Father’s Day gifts ideas for the cycling dad in your life

Here’s a few gift ideas for the favorite cyclist in your life…

“The Amazing Bicycle” Wood Wall Art

Cycling Wood Wall Art - Unique gifts for cyclists
Raise the style of any room in the house with the “Amazing Bicycle” wooden wall art.  Your guests will  gravitate towards it, cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Striking and thought provoking, it rekindles the wonder in the simple but efficient bicycle.

“The Amazing Bicycle” Stone Coasters

Cycling Coaster - bicycle coasters make your drinks taste better.
The bicycle is a truly an amazing machine, and these stylish stone coasters capture it perfectly and add a touch of class and fun to any room. Choose from a range of stones so you can get the look you want, rugged or refined. Available in marble, limestone, travertine, and sandstone.

“The Amazing Bicycle” Tshirts

Cycling Tshirt with Striking Vintage Illustration
Rekindle the fascination of the humble bicycle with this striking and thought-provoking design. Available in light and dark designs.

The Father’s Day Watch: It’s Time to Ride, Dad!

Custom cycling watch, stainless steel
Keep your priorities straight with this watch reminding you it’s “always time to ride”.

iPhone 6 Tough Case

Tough Xtreme iPhone 6 Case for Cyclists
Our most popular item, so popular you’ll wish you’d bought two, one to gift and one for yourself.

Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

Great Gifts for Cyclists - cycling christmas cards, tshirts, watches and more....
This lightweight but warm tee is perfect for lounging around or a casual night out.

Complete Bike Repair and Maintenance Video Course

Ultimate Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Video Course
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The Fat Tire eBike: Moto Parilla’s Carbon eBike Oozes Style

Moto Parilla has a Kickstarter campaign going for its sexy Carbon eBike. Moto Parilla calls it an SUV eBike, highlighting its strength as a fun, off-road vehicle.

It’s not fast, top speed is only 35 km/h, but it does pack a punch. The 500 watt version has 70 Nm of torque and can propel you to 35 km/h in a few seconds.

You can get the 250 watt version for$1,940, and the 500 watt version for $2,280. Seems like a no-brainer!

Specifications 250w and 500w

  • WEIGHT – WITHOUT BATTERY 62 lb (28,5 Kg)
  • AUTONOMY – 49 mi (80 Km)
  • MAX SPEED – 15.5 mph (25 Km/h) 250w VERSION,  18.0 mph (30 Km/h) 500w VERSION

Learn more at the Kickstarter Campaign Site.

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Danny MacAskill Trick Riding in Aviemore Spring

Danny MacAskill gets back to his roots, taking his trials bike to Aviemore Spring, in Scotland for some jaw-dropping trick riding.

Be sure to check out Danny’s other videos:

Who is Danny MacAskill?

Daniel “Danny” MacAskill is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He works professionally as a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd

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PodRide: The Bicycle Car

The PodRide is the brainchild of industrial designer Mikael Kjellman of Sweden. He calls it a “bicycle car,” otherwise known as a velomobile.

His version is a four-wheeled bicycle (with an electric motor for optional assist) within a hard shell protective pod to keep out the weather. He was inspired to develop it due to commute in Sweden which is too cold for riding in winter.

PodRide Bicycle Car - chassis opens for easy entry and exit.

He’s been working on it for years, and tried many models that fell short, before arriving at this version. This model now meets his requirements, which make for a flexible vehicle that can take you most places in relative comfort:

  • Proper seat with padding
  • Suspension
  • Stable handling (at least three wheels)
  • Option to use a small power assist motor
  • Adequate protection against the weather
  • Ability to use cycle paths
  • For safety reasons the driver should sit at the same height as in a car

Support the PodRide on Indiego

Bicycle Racing Poster

Bicycle Racing Cycling Poster QuoteOff the Front - beautiful cycling poster on wooden panel. This is a unique work of art, with an original graphic design,  printed on superior quality birch wood. Choose from 10 sizes and create a statement piece that’s perfect for your office or your home. Ready to stand, or hang.

The PodRide is a Lot Like a Car

The PodRide includes a 250 watt motor so you don’t have to pedal if you don’t want to. Or, you can use it to assist you so you don’t arrive at your destination all sweaty.

The PodRide sports a 250 watt motor for electric-assist when you need it.

Under the power of the modest motor, the PodRide cruises at 25 km/h and has a range of 60 km.

Other car-like features include:

  • Headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Luggage compartment
  • Windshield wiper (manual)
  • Heater
  • Suspension

PodRide Specs

  • Width: 30 in
  • Length: 71 in
  • Height: 57 in
  • Weight: 154 lbs
  • Motor: 250 w
  • Battery: 2 x 360 Wh
  • Gears: 18 without the motor, 14 gears with the motor

Mikael says this is still a prototype, so there are still a lot of improvements that he could make to the PodRide, the foremost being the chassis, which could be a lot lighter.

Mikael would like to bring his creation to the market, but thinks it will be expensive (around $6000 or more) unless it can be mass produced, in which case the price could drop to around a much more affordable $2250 to $3900.

Support the PodRide on Indiego

Mikael is now looking for a partner to take the PodRide production. So if you’re the entrepreneurial kind, or if you can help in anyway, he’d love to hear from you:

Mikael Kjellman
www.jmk-innovat ion.se/velomobil-project
Email: [first name]_k@telia.com
Phone +4670 532 22 01


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Bicycle Maintenance Repair Videos

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Learn more about the DIY Bike Repair Course

A Selection of Cycling News from April 1st 2016

Google Introduces Self-Driving Bicycle in the Netherlands

The self-driving bicycle enables safe navigation through the city for Amsterdam residents, and furthers Google’s ambition to improve urban mobility with technology.

Armstrong Banned From Local Beer Ride for “Taking It Too Seriously”

According to the Aspen Daily News, Lance Armstrong received a lifetime ban from “Tuesday Cruiseday” in Aspen CO.

How to Prank Your Friends

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Incredible Bicycle Tricks in 1951 at Traveler’s Rest, SC

Here’s some rare footage of Harry “Pop” Kramer performing bicycle tricks at Traveler’s Rest in South Carolina in 1951. Kramer was 76 years old at the time.

“I’d rather be up there on my unicycle any day, than sitting in an armchair listening to my arteries harden.” – Harry “Pop” Kramer

Who was Harry “Pop” Kramer?

Harry Kramer was born on January 1st in 1875 in Alexandria, VA.

“He was a vaudeville trick-cyclist who performed along the Appalachian mountains. He designed and fabricated his own trick bicycles and unicycles. He could ride his bicycle while standing on his head or jump rope while riding on a buggy wheel. Pop also built a bicycle on which the front wheel could be detached from the rear while in motion. But most importantly, he could hold the attention of an audience… and dazzled people with his dare devil antics.”
Source: Harry “Pop” Kramer: A Voice for Community

He died in 1958 following a collision with a car and contracting pneumonia. He is buried in Mud Creek Cemetery in Hendersonville, NC.

More about the incredible Harry “Pop” Kramer from AppalachianHistory.net

The Incredible Sport Made Possible by the Amazing Machine

As cyclists we’re extremely lucky. Think about it.

A runner… your speeds are “slow” and “slower.” It beats you up, the pounding on ripples through your feet, your knees, your hips, your back.

If you’re a swimmer, okay it doesn’t hurt so much. But it’s painfully slow! You literally have to claw and drag your way through a substance that’s trying to smother you. And your view? It’s a freaking stripe at the bottom of a pool, and a few flashes of feet poolside when you gasp for breath.

Cyclists? We’ve got it made. A simple, amazing machine and we can go places no runner or swimmer could even dream about.

We enjoy incredible variety of speeds and emotions. On the flats we fly, on the hills we grit our teeth and grind, and on the descents we go into an exhilarating virtual freefall.

Now I did a few triathlons years ago, that’s how I got into cycling. And I still run, every day in fact, but IMO nothing beats the simple joy and range of experieces that the amazing machine makes possible.

I think this translates to indoors too. You can run indoors with a treadmill, but those things are huge and expensive. I’m looking for one right now for my wife. The experience is pretty much “thud, thud, thud, thud.”

The incline feature doesn’t simulate hills because although the treadmill tilts upward, the ground (rotating band) is falling downward. It’s much harder to run up a hill in reality, you have to lift your entire body weight up and over the hill, and a treadmill you just have to lift your foot a little higher but your body weight stays exactly where it is.

Swimming indoors? Yeah, for a ton of money you can install an endless pool in your garage, a friend of mine and swimming coach did just that. It’s very expensive, requires a lot of maintenance… and the experience, well let’s just say you’ll be missling that line and those feet.

Cycling indoors these days is an awesome experience, especially with a smart trainer. Sure, it doesn’t match the outdoors, but it’s a long way from grinding away on a trainer staring at a wall, a workout, or cycling video.

Today, with a bullet-proof trainer like Kinetic, you can race online in real time with people from anywhere in the world. You can ride in a group, draft, attack… win sprints and King of the Mountains.

It’s an incredible sport. A simple machine, human-powered, and now technology like Zwift brings that fun and excitement indoors too.

Lucky us.