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Off the Front…

With two laps to go and the field stringing out under the pressure of riders trying to break off the front, he got the saddle and sprinted past the lead rider and out into the wall of wind…

He glanced back and saw no one had followed his attack. He slid back into the saddle, put his head down, knowing what had to be done.

He came out the last corner and glanced under his arm to see a gray bubbling blur, the field bunched behind him. He tucked down low and drove it to the finish line, legs and lungs burning…

Success soothes everything.

Nothing quite drives home an idea as quickly and as powerfully as visual art.  Off the Front is a striking and inspiring piece of art encapsulating the “secret” of success in cycling and in life.

Bicycle Racing Cycling Poster Quote

Soak in success every day…

Off the Front adorns your space with beauty, creating an environment of success.

  • Enjoy motivation and inspiration every day
  • A constant reminder of what is important
  • Beautifies your office and your home
  • A great conversation piece
  • Likely to make your fellow cyclists jealous

Each piece is printed on natural birch wood, giving each a unique and subtle wood grain texture.

  • Beauty of birch wood
  • Natural wood shows through on light areas
  • Includes anchors, screws and table stands so you can put it on display immediately

Check it out: Off the Front

Introducing “Monarch”: Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt

A new cycling tee shirt design from Velo Logic

The Monarch Model No. 10 bicycle was a steel-framed beauty with wooden rims, weighing in at 22 lbs. It was built by the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company in late 19th century Chicago.

Here at Velo Logic we love vintage and natural, and the No. 10 was both: built in 1894 of all natural steel, wood, rubber, and leather.

Velo Logic’s latest tee shirt design pays homage to this bicycle of a bygone era. The subtle earthy colors complement the natural cotton shirt. With the design on the front and the back, you get double the cool.

Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt "Monarch"
The “Monarch” is printed on a top quality tee. Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will easily become a closet staple. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. This shirt is double-needle stitched to ensure it lasts and looks great for years.

Get your summer kick back gear here:


Ladies Tank Dress

Why should guys have all the fun? Velo Logic’s designs look even better on ladies apparel. Check out the ladies jersey tank dress with “Monarch”.

Ladies Tank Dress with Cycling Design

Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt

Monarch Cycle Manufacturer

Monarch Cycle Mfg rose to become a prominent bicycle maker in the late nineteenth century. Here’s a bit of their history…

In 1889 John William Kiser, resigned went to Chicago, Ill., and became a manager at the Chicago Sewing Machine Company.

Kiser was practically without funds when arriving in Chicago, but with the energy of a young farmer and the brains of a captain of industry, he took advantage of the opportunities that confronted him and through untiring efforts, within a few years, he had accumulated a large fortune.

Out of the sewing-machine company came the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company, which was organized by Mr. Kiser in 1892 with a capitalization of $500,000. He was the president and majority stockholder. He seized the wonderful opportunity offered by the bicycle and made this concern one of the strongest in the field.

In 1899 Mr. Kiser sold the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company to the “Bicycle Trust,” and in so doing displayed that fine judgment which has crowned all his business ventures with such phenomenal success, for very shortly the crash came. He saw that the automobile would soon succeed the bicycle in popular esteem and so conserved his resources at the outset.

Source: https://chicagology.com/cycling/monarch/

Kiser was obviously a smart man who anticipated the car and got out at just the right time. Of course, after the auto craze tapered off, bicycles did make a comeback, but not to the heights of their previous glory.

Vintage / Retro Cycling and Bicycle Tee Shirts

Introducing “Velocipedes” – New Cycling Tee Shirt

Stay cool and look cool in Velo Logic’s latest cycling tee shirt.

A quality running tee shirt from New Balance featuring a classic design. Velocipedes is a one-of-a-kind cycling tee shirt only available from Velo Logic.

The Spring classics are underway, summer is just around the corner…. time to get your summer gear together. Velo Logic has you covered.

Velocipedes is now available exclusively from Velo Logic in the Velo Logic Store.  Paying homage to ye olde bikes of yesteryear, Velocipedes is unashamedly old, old school. With graphics on the front and the back, this turns heads whether you’re coming or going.

Cool Cycling Tee Shirt Design

With summer almost upon us, we wanted a shirt that not only looked good with short, jeans or on the trail, but also was light with a wicking technical fabric to keep us cool.

New Balance’s running shirt is perfect for summer. It’s cool and it looks casual. We specifically designed Velocipedes for the gravel gray version, but honestly, it looks great on white, green and everything in between.

With Velocipedes you can’t go wrong. You get a classic design on a top quality shirt made to last.

“Velocipedes” Cycling Tee Shirt on New Balance Performance Tee

“Velocipedes” Cycling Tee Shirt on Quality American Apparel Tee

Amateur Rider Relives Bygone Era on Vintage Bike

An amateur cyclist from London took on the daunting Haute Route Dolomites, a 900 km ride over some of Europe’s most intimidating climbs, on a retro single speed bicycle.

“I’m in awe of the largely forgotten cycling heroes of the early part of the 1900’s who tackled these climbs on old, heavy single speeds.” -Mike Gluckman

The Haute Route Dolomites is a challenge under the best conditions. The 7 day sportif includes a whopping 21,000 meters of climbing through the Swiss Alps. That wasn’t enough for Mike Gluckman, who wanted to experience what it was like for cyclists in the early 20th century, who rode single speeds.

Gluckman loaned a Bianchi L’Eroica from Bianchi fitted with a 48×23 gear combo, and hit the road.

Cyclist Tackles Swiss Alps on Vintage Single Speed Bicycle

Makes my 39×25 climbing gear look positively wimpish! Nice going Mike!


Easily Fix Annoying Problems and Make Your Bike Sing...

DIY Bike Repairs video course, you will save a bundle, and never be stumped by a bike repair again. This complete video course of bicycle repairs covers everything, from major upgrades to minor maintenance work. This professionally shot course is put together by pro bike mechanics, and is packed with insider’s tips and short cuts. The course comes with lifetime updates and a money-back guarantee, so there's no reason not to give it a try.

Vuelta 2016 Stage 17: Hellish Climb to the Finish

Watch the final 10km of stage 17 of the Vuelta featuring a brutal climb at the end. The climb averages 10% but kicks up to a muscle lacerating 21% in places.

Quintana and Contador mercilessly attack Froome while he desperately tries to hang on…

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Attila Atay Training for the Cycling Speed Record

Not much to go on, but from what I can gather, Attila Atay is a 50 year-old Turkish cyclist attempting to break the cycling speed record.

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Common Cycling Injuries and How to Fix Them

We’ve all had it at some time, pain. And I don’t mean the sweet pain of going full gas, I mean the niggling, sometimes agonizing pain of a poor fit or misalignment.

Usually new cyclists are the most vulnerable, as they tend to go looking for a bike and either buy it used, regardless of size, or who buy their bikes from a clueless shop assistant who just wants to make a sale.

I bought my first bike from a very reputable local bike shop. The only adjustment they made was the seat height, but the bars were too narrow, the stem was too long, and due to the slightly awkward reach, my back and shoulders hurt. I just thought that was normal.

Bicycle Racing Poster

Bicycle Racing Cycling Poster QuoteOff the Front - beautiful cycling poster on wooden panel. This is a unique work of art, with an original graphic design,  printed on superior quality birch wood. Choose from 10 sizes and create a statement piece that’s perfect for your office or your home. Ready to stand, or hang.

It was a year later that I was fortunate to meet pro mechanic who ran a bike shop who measured and fitted me to a new bike…. and suddenly I was one with the machine and my cycling experience was completely transformed. Cycling became painless and a pleasure.

My go-to guy won’t sell you a bike until after he’s measured you. Then he’ll recommend a make and model based on your measurements and your style of riding. Then he’ll fit you on your new bike on a raised trainer and tweak everything while you ride. He’ll shim your shoes if you need it. The bike will be truly yours, it will fit like a glove.

Never underestimate the power of a good fit. It can optimize your power output, your aerodynamics and your comfort.

If things don’t feel quite right on your bike, I recommend getting fitted by a pro. But sometimes you can tweak just one thing on your bike and eliminate that nagging pain or discomfort. This guide shows you what to look for.

Common Cycling Injuries and How to Fix (and Prevent) Them

Infographic: Cycling Injuries and Bicycle Fit

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Bicycle Maintenance Repair Videos

From Novice to Pro, Bicycle Upgrade, Maintenance and Repair Instruction You Can Trust

Whether you want to learn more about your bike, feel confident on the road, save money, or you're considering becoming a pro bike mechanic, this bicycle repair course has got you covered.

Taught by pro bike mechanics and packed with insider shortcuts and tips, it covers everything from minor repairs to the heavy stuff... and makes it easy to follow along, step-by-step, so you're never confused or wondering what to do next.

If you want to have an entire video encyclopedia of bicycle repairs at your fingertips, that covers you in every situation, then this package is worth a close look.

"Much easier to follow than a book, comprehensive, and loaded with insider tips and shortcuts... these DVDs belong on every cyclist's bookshelf." -Velo Logic

Learn more about the DIY Bike Repair Course