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Introducing “Monarch”: Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt

A new cycling tee shirt design from Velo Logic

The Monarch Model No. 10 bicycle was a steel-framed beauty with wooden rims, weighing in at 22 lbs. It was built by the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company in late 19th century Chicago.

Here at Velo Logic we love vintage and natural, and the No. 10 was both: built in 1894 of all natural steel, wood, rubber, and leather.

Velo Logic’s latest tee shirt design pays homage to this bicycle of a bygone era. The subtle earthy colors complement the natural cotton shirt. With the design on the front and the back, you get double the cool.

Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt "Monarch"
The “Monarch” is printed on a top quality tee. Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will easily become a closet staple. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. This shirt is double-needle stitched to ensure it lasts and looks great for years.

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Ladies Tank Dress

Why should guys have all the fun? Velo Logic’s designs look even better on ladies apparel. Check out the ladies jersey tank dress with “Monarch”.

Ladies Tank Dress with Cycling Design

Vintage Cycling Tee Shirt

Monarch Cycle Manufacturer

Monarch Cycle Mfg rose to become a prominent bicycle maker in the late nineteenth century. Here’s a bit of their history…

In 1889 John William Kiser, resigned went to Chicago, Ill., and became a manager at the Chicago Sewing Machine Company.

Kiser was practically without funds when arriving in Chicago, but with the energy of a young farmer and the brains of a captain of industry, he took advantage of the opportunities that confronted him and through untiring efforts, within a few years, he had accumulated a large fortune.

Out of the sewing-machine company came the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company, which was organized by Mr. Kiser in 1892 with a capitalization of $500,000. He was the president and majority stockholder. He seized the wonderful opportunity offered by the bicycle and made this concern one of the strongest in the field.

In 1899 Mr. Kiser sold the Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Company to the “Bicycle Trust,” and in so doing displayed that fine judgment which has crowned all his business ventures with such phenomenal success, for very shortly the crash came. He saw that the automobile would soon succeed the bicycle in popular esteem and so conserved his resources at the outset.

Source: https://chicagology.com/cycling/monarch/

Kiser was obviously a smart man who anticipated the car and got out at just the right time. Of course, after the auto craze tapered off, bicycles did make a comeback, but not to the heights of their previous glory.

Vintage / Retro Cycling and Bicycle Tee Shirts

Introducing “Velocipedes” – New Cycling Tee Shirt

Stay cool and look cool in Velo Logic’s latest cycling tee shirt.

A quality running tee shirt from New Balance featuring a classic design. Velocipedes is a one-of-a-kind cycling tee shirt only available from Velo Logic.

The Spring classics are underway, summer is just around the corner…. time to get your summer gear together. Velo Logic has you covered.

Velocipedes is now available exclusively from Velo Logic in the Velo Logic Store.  Paying homage to ye olde bikes of yesteryear, Velocipedes is unashamedly old, old school. With graphics on the front and the back, this turns heads whether you’re coming or going.

Cool Cycling Tee Shirt Design

With summer almost upon us, we wanted a shirt that not only looked good with short, jeans or on the trail, but also was light with a wicking technical fabric to keep us cool.

New Balance’s running shirt is perfect for summer. It’s cool and it looks casual. We specifically designed Velocipedes for the gravel gray version, but honestly, it looks great on white, green and everything in between.

With Velocipedes you can’t go wrong. You get a classic design on a top quality shirt made to last.

“Velocipedes” Cycling Tee Shirt on New Balance Performance Tee

“Velocipedes” Cycling Tee Shirt on Quality American Apparel Tee

Cool Cycling Tee Shirts – a Sweetheart Deal!

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The Amazing Machine - The Bicycle
“The Amazing Machine” is an original design from Velo Logic.


Cycling Tee Shirts and more…

Cool Cycling Tshirt Design
“The Amazing Machine” design comes in white, black and every color in between.

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All merchandise is Merckx-approved… okay, he’s not Belgian, and he’s not human, but Merckx the cat is the the official and beloved Velo Logic mascot. Here he is stamping his paw of approval on the “Amazing Machine” design from Velo Logic.

Cycling Tee Shirt Designs
“Merckx” pounces on the Valentines Weekend Special from the Velo Lust store and recommends you do the same.

Cycling Tshirt from Velo Logic

Keep your velo love close to your heart, now available the Velo Logic performance long sleeve tshirt.

Custom Designed Cycling TshirtsI’m a bit of a tee shirt aficionado. It needs to be a unique design and well made. I hate the cheap stuff that’s scratchy, loses it’s shape, or falls apart after a couple of washes. I’ve had this Velo Logic Cycling Tshirt for a year, worn it and washed it a lot and it’s still going strong!

It’s soft, comfortable, light with a bit of stretch to give you the freedom to move as you choose. It has flat stitched raglan sleeves, so there’s no uncomfortable ridges or bumps against your skin.

It’s great as an undershirt or worn on its own (I do both), and with it’s moisture-wicking ability it is perfectly suited to active the lifestyle… but lounging around in it works too.

It’s ideal for chilly days, cool mornings and evenings. I often wear it under a short sleeve tee, or a long sleeve button up. As the day warms up, I cast off my outer layer.

Detailed specs below or check it out and more at the Velo Lust StoreBest quality cycling tshirts from Velo LogicThe Velo Logic Long Sleeve Tee from Sport-Tek

Stay cool and dry during your workout with the sweat-wicking performance long sleeve shirt from Sport-Tek. Made with raglan sleeves, this lightweight shirt has the look and fit for any athletic activity. It’s 95%/5% poly and spandex, so it’s made to last. You can customize it too, pick your size, fabric and color.

Get the Cycling Tshirt from Velo Logic now