Trainer and Bicycle Accessories

Trainer and Bicycle Accessories
Here you'll find some of the best Indoor cycling trainer accessories (and more).

If you have a trainer already, a mat is a must, otherwise sweat will eat a hole in your floor! Another must... a sweat net to protect your bike. If you think a pool of sweat on the floor is bad, wait 'til it gets in your headset.

A riser block to raise and stabilize your front wheel is also highly recommended, though not strictly necessary. One that easily allows you to adjust the height, like the Kinetic or CycleOps ones are good. I also recommend a trainer tire, they are much more durable than road tires, and they're smooth so they are a lot quieter and smoother to ride on the trainer.

And don't forget a bike computer so you can get credit for all that hard work! ... and of course track your miles and your improvement.

We also have some accessories to get the kids on bikes and riding, safely.